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Started by wowario, Jun 12, 2021, 01:39 PM

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Keep in mind that solo mining is a lottery. Miners win block rewards randomly. You could be lucky and find a block in 1 minute or it could take a month or two to win a block. On average, miners will get rewards about the same as pools, but you have to look at it from the long term (months, not day to day). If you are looking for instant gratification, you are better off just mining XMR on a large pool.

Besides the financial interest in mining, there is also an ideological dimension. By solo mining, you are contributing to the project by helping to make the network more secure.  Wownero is made up of altruistic, unpaid volunteers doing this stuff for fun. There was no premine, dev tax, or scammy "fast mined" emission curve like in other projects.  If you don't have coding skills or the financial resources to donate towards proposals or the development fund,  even if you never win a block, you can do your small part by solo mining. Every hash counts. The more decentralized nodes and miners there are, the stronger the network.

First, get a Wownero wallet address. You could use Wowlet](, [Wowstash](, [Wonerujo](, [wownero-wallet-cli](, or a [paper wallet.

You will need to use your "main address" (starts with "**Wo**") to mine, not a "subaddress" (starts with "WW"). You would use subaddresses when making transactions with other people in order to better protect your identity. For mining, since you are directly interacting with the network, you only need your main address to start mining. If you are using Wowlet, to get the main address, click on "Wallet", and then click on "Keys", the main address is in "Primary address" section. In wownero-wallet-cli, type command `address`.

You will also need something called a "Private Spend Key and should not be shared with anyone. For Wowlet, you can find this key in the "Keys" section. If you are using Wowstash, you can find the spend key by clicking on "See Secrets" button. In wownero-wallet-cli, type command `spendkey` and copy the **secret** key.

## Windows

1. Download latest windows binary: `` from
2. Unzip folder
3. In Windows search bar,  type "cmd" and click "Command Prompt" program
4. Drag and drop unziped folder to Command Prompt window
4. Type: `wownerod.exe --start-mining YOUR-ADDRESS --spendkey SECRET-SPENDKEY`

## MacOS
1. Download latest mac binary: `wownero-x86_64-apple-darwin11-XXXXXX.tar.bz2` from
2. Double-click the tar archive file and extract to a folder
3. Open terminal window with: Control + Option + Shift + T
4. Drag and drop folder to terminal window
4. Type: `./wownerod --start-mining YOUR-ADDRESS  --spendkey SECRET-SPENDKEY`

## Linux
1. Download latest linux binary: `wownero-x86_64-linux-gnu-XXXXXX.tar.bz2` from
2. Untar archive file
3. Open terminal and change directory to location of files
4. Type: `./wownerod --start-mining YOUR-ADDRESS --spendkey SECRET-SPENDKEY`

If it is your first time opening wownerod, it will take a few minutes to sync up with the network. About 15 minutes or so.

By default, you will be mining with 1 thread. If you want to increase the number of CPU threads, add `--mining-threads` and the number, so it would look something like this:
wownerod.exe --start-mining YOUR-ADDRESS --spendkey SECRET-SPENDKEY --mining-threads NUMBER
To check your hash rate, type: `status`

To stop mining, type: `stop_mining`

To exit, type: `exit`


Total noob question I've never solo mined. How do I find the main receiving address with Wowlet? I can't solo mine to the listed sub addresses since I get the error that they're not supported for solo mining. Thanks.


To get main address in Wowlet, click on "Wallet", click on "Keys", the main address is in "Primary Address". You can copy and paste it in wownerod.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I'm sorry this should be the last question... I'm only able to mine with one thread.... I'm trying to use the command [threads|auto] after but I've tried every format I can think of.... start_mining then the address alone just starts up one thread...

Edit: lol nevermind I'm in idiot... After the address I just had to put a number alone and that's it. I'm looking forward to solo mining after the fork in July!


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I'm currently mining on a pool (Herominers) but I want to continue support this amazing project and migrate to Solo mining. I have never done solo mining before. I have 5 x PCs that range between 1000 and 2000 Hash/s.
I have the following questions:

  • 1) Should I wait until after hard fork takes place on 4th July, or should I start switching over to Solo mining now and therefore no need to do anything post 4th July hard fork?

  • 2) Can I use a single Wowlet address across multiple mining PCs, or must I setup a separate wallet address for each mining machine?

  • 3) I like Herominers as there is a central dashboard so I can see hashrates for each miner and notice if any of my miners go offline.
Is there any such feature to be alerted if a solo miner goes offline?  
How can i monitor hashrate for my solo miner?

  • 4) Are there any known traps I should be aware of as I migrate my multiple machines from pool mining to solo mining?

Thanks in advance for addressing my questions.


Thank you for your support.

1. Difficulty is way too high for solo mining right now. You could start a few hours before the hard fork on 4th July.

2. Yes. You can use the same address and spend key on multiple PCs. In Wowlet, go to "Wallet" --> "Keys" and you can see the primary address and spend key there.

3. No. But you could get someone to make you a bash script that calls each mining node via RPC  to monitor hash rates  and display stats on a simple HTML webpage.

4. Be sure your miners are in a secure environment. Anyone with access to the computer could technically steal the spend key and empty out your wallet. If you want to link multiple computers together, you could checkout **xmrig-proxy](** once this [PR is merged.


Quote from: "wowario, post:8, topic:551"But you could get someone to make you a bash script that calls each mining node via RPC to monitor hash rates and display stats on a simple HTML webpage.

I plan on doing this for my own rigs after the HF. I'd be happy to share the source code with anyone that wants to use it.

Keep in mind, I'm not a graphic designer so it won't be *WOW* pretty but it will give the information which is most important.


I've figured out how to get solo mining running through xmrig by setting daemon to true and setting the url to my full node but for after the fork is there a place I can enter the spend key or will I have to mine directly through wonerod (I get less hash rate than xmrig).


Thanks @wowario for addressing all my questions. Much appreciated. I now have a plan for what I need to do on the 4th July to switch from pool mining to solo mining.


Hi @jrswab,  I'm not a technical coder and I'm a Linux noob. I have 3 desktop miners running Ubuntu and 2 laptop miners on Windows using XMrig.

I'm very interested in what you are planning to do with your RPC script to help you monitor your rigs.

Could you please share what you build and provide me with installation instructions for Ubuntu and Windows?

Many thanks.


I'd be happy to do so! Once I get some basic functionality working I'll make a post on this forum with the details :smiley: Happy Mining!


is it possible to use another miner like xmrig instead of the built-in one to solo mine ?


yes, you can use XMRig once this PR is merged.