Quick Start Wownerod for Solo miners alliance network

Started by qvqc, Aug 04, 2021, 03:09 AM

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### Wownerod Quick Start

One liner for installing and joining the wownero solo miners alliance network, for fast/private/robust wownero block relay.

On a Ubuntu or Debian distro, run (takes about 5min to complete):

`wget https://git.wownero.com/qvqc/wow-sman/raw/branch/master/wow-sman.sh -O - | sh`

### this installs

* wownderod service with alliance network peers
* i2pd/tor integration for transaction relay and RPC services
* xmrig/xmrig-proxy in /usr/local/bin path ready to config


How would the configuration be with several miners simultaneously? does each point to its own proxy or can a single node be used as a proxy and the rest pointing to that device? Could you give an example of the configuration to introduce in the proxy after running these scripts?


* run this script on multiple machines
* pick one machine to run wownerod and xmrig proxy
* on other machines run `systemctl stop wownerod` and `systemctl disable wownerod`
* follow the guide by @jrswab , How To Mine Wownero With Xmrig Proxy

**Bonus:**  add service files for xmrig and xmrig-proxy so they autostart on reboot


for the moment I prefer to continue using only xmrig and wownerod, until I fully understand how to configure the proxy. Thank you anyway.


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is there i way i can join this solo miners alliance network through windows? i use a windows machine for wownerod


probably? dont have a windows machine to test on so cant give exact steps.  you will need a tor/i2p hidden service pointed at the wownerod rpc and p2p ports.  if you figure it out please share!  

you could try to combine these guides:



this automates some steps and might save on setup time if you want to connect to other wownero miners over privacy networks..

> * installs wownderod service with alliance network peers
>* installs i2pd/tor integration for P2P and RPC services
>* installs xmrig/xmrig-proxy in /usr/local/bin path ready to confi
> * **friends be jelly**
> * **node is available** regardless of home firewall
> * **help the network** with out revealing public ip
> * **be cheap**, no need to pay for VPS hosting


hello, I'm running a new node since a few days, how do I manage the proxy and the miner? Thanks.



xmrig receives this message trying to use proxy running in the node with i2p, the configuration has been tested in a common node and works well.


Check your network routes--try `ping `.

Or are you trying to get `xmrig` to connect over I2P to the proxy?


Im checking again the proxy runing in the SMAN node, the test is inside the LAN in the same subnet 192.168.1.X(xmrig) - - - > 192.168.1.Y(SMAN+xmrig-proxy)


might be the firewall, you can open the port on the machine running xmrig-proxy with
sudo ufw allow 3333

or you could disable the firewall with

sudo ufw reset
sudo ufw disable