Mac Osx Big Sur Crashing

Started by daz2030, Jun 06, 2021, 11:22 AM

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Just setting up the Wallet on a new computer. When Installing the wallet crashes straight away. Not had this Problem on my old Mac using big sur. I'm on the mac M1 where i'm having the issue. any advice would be great.


I'm guessing you are using wowlet?

Mac m1 uses ARM, wowlet is compiled for x86_64 so that will not work.

Apple switching to ARM introduces issues for developers because 1) they might not have ARM based machines 2) the new Apple M1's are expensive.

So, I'm afraid wowlet will not support mac m1 for some time until someone decides to implement support for it.


OK Great... Thanks for the reply... i've still got it on my older mac thats good for now....