Grandpa has 3 "Failed" withdrawals from Trade Ogre

Started by jaigh, May 10, 2021, 04:43 PM

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I have 3 failed withdrawals in a row at Trade Ogre. I am withdrawing to a new paper wallet. I am entering the public receive wallet address to send too. I am trying a 50 coin withdrawal to test the process. Any help or wisdom much appreciated. Also, how do I confirm my address received the coins, once Trade Ogre says it's successful?. Thank You, Jaigh


Sometimes TO withdrawals fail. I've had it happen before. Keep trying, and/or contact their support.

As for testing if your paper wallet works, try importing the seed in something like


Thank you dsc! I will keep trying... much appreciated. J


If smashing your head repeatedly into a brick wall doesn't make it fall... keep smashing head.


I am now up to 7 failed wownero withdrawals... need steel spiked incendiary helmet!


How do i find my funds on the wowjenuro wallet? trade ogre said they sent it succesfully. I used a 4th sub address. No idea how to recover the subaddress i used. The only option is to receive, nothing to view amount


"Wownurejo" from Google app store is no longer maintained. You can restore your wallet with the the "seed" on the desktop wallet: Wowlet]( or f-droid mobile wallet: [Wonerujo


I had a similar problem, I tried all tokens from TO and it kept failing, after many attempts I had to do them in 1000 increments and they all transferred.