SuchWow! The meme house

Started by lza_menace, Aug 11, 2020, 07:25 AM

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Whatup meat puppets,

I've got a little side project to house all of our memes in a fun/cool way. I'm calling it, SuchWow!.

The gist is that you can post memes on the site where others can comment and send WOW to essentially vote for those with the best submissions; a background process will transfer WOW from the site's wallet to the user's provided wallet address.

The format is better suited to sharing memes than the forum/funding system where you're scrolling for days and could incentivize people to make some high quality memes.

Try it out!

Code is here:
Site is here:


wow! such SSO! many pythongs


Fixed some stuff in the interface - now the "Top Posts" section is accurately sorting so we have a leaderboard of sorts... @qvqc is rocking the charts!