[Ubuntu] How to Install .deb Wownero package

Started by wowario, Sep 11, 2021, 03:46 PM

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1. Download wownero_v0.10.1.0_amd64.deb

2. Open file manager, go to location where deb file is saved, in empty space, right click and select "Open in Terminal"

3. Check hash of file with: `shasum -a 256 wownero_v0.10.1.0_amd64.deb`

   It should be: `a1221b38e1834b4a6242c6c919e7d4aed99766e4ddda977b4eb1352291e254f2`

4. If hash is correct, install package with: `sudo dpkg -i wownero_v0.10.1.0_amd64.deb`

5. To start node, type `wownerod` in terminal. Once synced, in new tab, type `wownero-wallet-cli` to open/create a new wallet. Type `help` in wallet to see available commands.

6. To uninstall, type `sudo dpkg --purge wownero`