MacOS:Miner-CS[PUP] ?!?!

Started by justanotherdummie, Aug 30, 2021, 06:24 AM

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I'm trying to get a wallet to load on my desktop and/or laptop. After downloading Wowlet onto both devices, every time I try to activate them I get the message     MacOS:Miner-CS[PUP]   and that's as far as it goes. I find it hard to imagine that the developers would include any type of malicious files, and I was hoping someone here might have an idea as to what is going on here. I am quite the dummie when it comes to anything technical with regards to digital technology, and would appreciate some basic advice, as I can't seem to find any links to support on the wownero pages.


Don't feel bad, cryptocurrency is not easy to use, and especially not something as novel as Wownero - the ultimate coin known to mankind at this very moment.

Your anti-virus scanner is blocking/removing wowlet. It thinks wowlet is a virus. It is not.


The reason a lot of anti-viruses flag cryptocurrency related software as malware (or in this case, a "potentially unwanted program") is because some very rude hackers like to install mining software on computers they have illegally taken control of to try and make some money.