Wowlet gets stuck during sync around 9970 blocks UPDATE: Problem is resolved

Started by vintage_soul, Aug 01, 2021, 07:27 PM

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Hey there
I've got this problem - I haven't used the the app in awhile, then a few days ago I transferred a small amount of wow to it from tradeogre, but the wallet's sync gets stuck at around 9970 blocks and doesn't move from there. It's frustrating, cos I never had any problem with my Wowlet and using my wow before. Rescanning/ recovering wallet with seed doesn't help,it scans thousands of blocks swiftly and then just stops at around 9970 and then adds more blocks, obviously the newly mined ones. Any ideas? I'm using Windows 10

Update! Scratch this - I didn't know about the new Version 3. I just downloaded and installed it and did wallet recovery with seed - everything is fine now.


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