Mined block failed verification

Started by ledarium, Jul 14, 2021, 06:55 PM

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I've been mining with xmrig for about a week and got this in wownerod log:

    2021-07-14 16:21:39.051 E mined block failed verification
Is something wrong with my setup (maybe spend key) or my block was simply discarded because of another longer chain or some other valid reason?


Quote from: "ledarium, post:1, topic:762"`failed verification`

this happens when something is wrong with signature. make sure your are using the latest updated version and using your wallet's **secret spend key**.


I've got this message on version. I've updated to now (arch build is broken and compiled is not available). My settings in xmrig are:

        "pools": [
            "algo": "rx/wow",
            "url": "localhost:18084",
            "user": "my primary address starting with Wo4AT...",
            "spend-secret-key": "long hex string",
            "pass": "",
            "rig-id": "",
            "nicehash": false,
            "keepalive": false,
            "enabled": true,
            "tls": false,
            "tls-fingerprint": null,
            "daemon": true,
            "socks5": null,
            "self-select": null,
            "submit-to-origin": false

Is something wrong here? Also to prevent these problems in future is it possible to make something like dummy block verification, to check whether spend key is specified correctly? Maybe allow test mining on public testnet node? Cause I'm kinda sad (week of mining spent in vain)


So if we're windows users using (as far as I'm aware these are the only windows binaries) we're not gonna be able to mine blocks for now?


Lol, got coredump trying to mine with xmrig on private testnet. I guess I should just switch to monero mining in pool :man_shrugging:

UPD: had to mine some from wownerod, started working even without private spend key. Then xmrig is able to successfully mine. It's on testnet though and I can not check it with my real wownero address and key...


The thing is if you've been mining with xmrig then I'm doubting that this notification log from wownerod is referring to your mining. I'm under the impression that wownerod shouldn't provide any information on mining unless you're directly mining with wownerod instead of xmrig.


I think you're mistaking here, it should (and actually does if verbose logging is enabled) because it's node who sends found block to the network, not xmrig. Too bad verbose option was not set when EPIC FAIL had happened.

Node outputs this, actually:

    2021-07-14 22:32:53.284 I +++++ BLOCK SUCCESSFULLY ADDED
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.284 I id:   <31ae39f4a64e76edc2b6e607ff3af1ac66f211c0d4d6c38c6ef7d4108e764610>
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.284 I PoW:  
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.284 I HEIGHT 1128, difficulty:      100
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.284 I block reward: 175.73287222920(175.73287222920 + 0.00000000000), coinbase_weight: 93, cumulative weight: 93, 20(0/20)ms
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.287 I HTTP [] POST /json_rpc
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.287 I [ INC] Calling RPC method getblocktemplate
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.488 I HTTP [] POST /json_rpc
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.489 I [ INC] Calling RPC method submitblock
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.508 I Miner signature is good
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.508 I Vote: 0
    2021-07-14 22:32:53.508 I +++++ BLOCK SUCCESSFULLY ADDED


Yeah I think you're right... I didn't know about the verbose option. I've set it now and I'm still running so we'll see if my next block gets accepted or not (I haven't found one since has been released).


Quote from: "ledarium, post:3, topic:762"`"url": "localhost:18084",`

Should be `"url": "localhost:34568"` when mining to the daemon.