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Started by dsc, Sep 03, 2023, 03:24 PM

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I migrated some core WOW services to a new, single, self-hosted server.

This eases up maintenance, backups, costs. Previously we had them running on various servers, in various ways.

The following has been moved:

Note: Quite a few services. Perhaps you want to takeover the hosting of something (in favor of decentralization); feel free to talk to me about it.

Server specs:
  • AMD Ryzen 2920x | 64gb RAM
  • 1tb of SSD storage for the WOW VM
  • KVM/libvirt/qcow2
  • Uplink 500mbit capped

one of those SSDs is the WOW VM

  • Hosting with BestEffortâ„¢ 0% SLA
  • I dont always have time to fix something
  • Power and/or internet outage at my home means the server goes down
  • Server also goes down during DDOS attacks
  • Bus factor of 1

If someone complains about things being down/broken; feel free to takeover hosting.


Yay!!! <3 Thank you.

QuoteBus factor of 1

* asymptotically starts the bus


cant we just buy a server to avoid all this hassle? i will gladly pay for the next few years


Quote from: p0k4 on Sep 06, 2023, 08:55 AMcant we just buy a server to avoid all this hassle? i will gladly pay for the next few years

I'd argue it is not a priority right now, but if folk insist (and willing to fund the hardware) ...

Hosting in general will always be a hassle, whether self-hosted or not, suppose the question is 'what do we gain from moving to a hoster'. Some improved uptime, but I dont expect my server to be down a lot. As for ddos protection, we currently still leverage OVH's as that is where my traffic is routed through.

About migrations: its quite some effort and I just went through the process of moving all the data and services. To avoid this again, preferably this new server would support nested virtualization so I can move the qcow2 VM image as-is, saving lots of time. But then we are looking at a $50 a month price tag for a dedicated server (as VPSs do not support that).