Started by radimo, Jun 25, 2020, 01:57 PM

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I was thinking the site could use a bit more categories/structure.
I suppose it's up to judgment as to how casual of a place we want the forum to be though.
Just thought it could be a good place to have
even general topic kind of discussions rather then having people come chat on IRC where it's mostly devs or techies having quick convos. Thoughts/opinions are welcome.

Also I like the colours on here now.


I thought that a bunch of empty categories might make things ugly and I was planning on sticking most things in uncategorised for now, creating a new category and moving topics to them when there was a couple ready for it, but I can make them early if that's too ugly :)

>Also I like the colours on here now.

You can blame/thank cisme for the colours, I stole them from him and pasted them into the theme at random ;D. such wow, very artistic


I might be a bit too used to the old phpBB forums layouts where everything had to be in a fitting category (as opposed to uncategorised).
Just thought it might be discouraging for someone if they can't find a somewhat fitting category but again it might be just me being too old 😬
Also I think checking this on mobile I'm getting a bit different feel/layout than folks on desktop