Wowlet 4.1.0 - Dropping Mac OS support

Started by dsc, Aug 31, 2023, 02:00 AM

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The Mac OS wowlet releases have always been in a 'cool, it compiles, lets ship it' state, where we released them without much testing. Thus, subsequent bug investigations and user issues were awkward to investigate. You see, Wownero is a rather large and complex C++ project with a ton of library dependencies which makes release engineering (the process of distributing software to users) complex as things are constantly moving. This has the effect that whenever we want to produce a new wowlet release, we lose more time dealing with compilation issues than actually adding new features!

So I conclude that supporting 4 platforms (Mac OS x86-64, ARM, Windows, Linux) is too much, at least for the size of our current team. Native GUI development with C++ is no joke and this is just a hobby. So for now the only supported platform is Linux.

As for Windows, this also has been in a 'mileage may vary' state but at least we have a robust toolchain there for cross-compilation from a linux image - which is a pleasant developer experience. Pleasant enough to tolerate it. Windows builds will continue to be released.

The latest wowlet version is 4.1.0; download it here:  8)
4.1.0 Changelog

  • Remove Mac OS support
  • Updated URL to new websocket server (fiat/crypto prices work again, remote node updates, etc.)
  • added as the default block explorer
  • Removed easter egg for linux users