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Started by dsc, Aug 29, 2023, 06:02 AM

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whatsup dickweeds - yes we finally have a forum again after the last one disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

Which was a shame because it had some useful/informative threads/posts.

Recently NotMtth tried to host the forum again but turns out discourse (our previous forum software) is a huge turd and can only be hosted from a series of docker containers. docker, in my opinion, is a huge pain to deal with so NotMtth instead suggested to look into SMF (SimpleMachinesForum) and that was a fine idea.

For this I had to migrate/convert the discourse forum database to SMF. I will spare you the disgraceful Python script but suffice to say it was quite annoying to convert all the attachments, avatars, media, etc. I even made a Markdown -> BBCode converter so that posts didnt break too much during the migration as SMF (unfortunately) uses BBCode for formatting.

As for SSO support (, some hacky things were coded to force SMF to support it. It works - so now you can use your regular wow account to login on this forum.

To conclude, I think I like SMF better than Discourse - there is less javascript and it looks basic. lets post in style like its the mid 2000s again.

Edit: there is still some janky stuff I need to fix, e.g: some stats are wrong (my profile says I have only made 5 posts so far)


Just a little problem I'm encountering.  I'd like to change my username but Account Settings seems to fail even though I provide my password.