there should be a similar forum to d2jsp that uses WOW

Started by hex_is, Jan 24, 2024, 02:29 AM

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not sure if anyone knows of a website forum that started years ago for diablo 2 and you can buy forum gold and then trade it for in-game items for multiple games, steam keys, skins, etc. there is even a bar and pub section that hasmultiple number games and betting games even poker thats played on pokerstars and then based on a trust system (through discord) that you will send it like the rest of the items etc, (absolutely riddled with scammers lol ) but it works. there is even side markets and other sites that sell older accounts and the forum gold at black market prices.

surely something similar is possible with WOW? im crap at programming but would help in any way possible it cant be that hard just make sure a wallet is assigned to each user could even make it better than jsp and have a proper rating system for users 

just realised this post barely makes sense but im about to head to bed and the thought popped in my had and needed to share