COMPETITION: r/CryptoCurrency banner design competition

Started by jwinterm, Mar 17, 2023, 11:00 PM

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r/CryptoCurrency Banners

As you may or may not know, r/CryptoCurrency has recently started selling the banner for folks to advertise. In order to buy the banner you have to burn MOONs, which are the token of the subreddit. It is a large (the largest?) online community for general discussion of cryptocurrencies.

I bought the banner for April 1st, WOW's 5th bday, by burning 4500 MOONs. But, we need some dope fucking banner images. So, here are the banner size requirements:

Ze competition

So, how does this competition work. All you need to do is submit you artwork as a reply in this thread that fits the holes for desktop and mobile banner; see the image guide below:

People can vote by reacting positively or negatively. Submissions are due by Mar 26, but voting will continue until Mar 30. I will pick the top three on Mar 30 and winners will get:

  • #1 - 4206.9 WOW and eternal fame and glory  
  • #2 - 1337  WOW
  • #3 - 666 WOW


Great competition !
Here is my "artwork"
Got two versions of the desktop one

Its on imgur coz the forum wont let me post more than one image
Heres the mobile one
Thats all folks
if you want me to change something just respond to this comment
Hope you liked them.
EDIT:changed the banners quite a bit
EDIT2: It really makes me sad to see that others created alts to like their submissions...


Here's my demented memed out desktop banner
Will post a mobile version soon... but I kinda like Banano's tbh.
Use imgur because higher quality.


Hello thanks for the opportunity
This is my design for competition. Thank you

Desktop version here


We're working on one. Should be done tomorrow. Here's the first image.

And if you wanted the dabbing wownero chan that's in there too.


Ok, all designs done.

Dabbing wownerochan still there. That's my submission.


Here's a preview of desktop & mobile banner

Full images: (1st is desktop hover, 2nd is desktop, 3rd is mobile)


hello frens,

Mobile Banner 1600x480:

Desktop Banner 4000x128:

Desktop Banner Hover 4000x128: