Wowlet Crash - Access violation

Started by digg_er, Jan 23, 2023, 08:00 PM

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Is anyone experiencing crashes of Wowlet in last days?

I have not run Wowlet for day or two, and today I'm getting memory access violation crashes. I have the same issue on Win11 and Win8. No matter if I try with existing or new wallet. Seems it happens when retrieving blockchain data. I even cannot create and use new wallet (I also tried after emptying config dir).


Yeah I'm experiencing wowlet crashes since about yesterday. What I've observed is that it always crashes at exactly the moment the additional info has updated and loaded (price feeds etc). If those lag behind then it's still usable and for example possible to make successful txs before the inevitable crash on load.


thanks for reply. if that's wider issue, maybe we will get some fix soon.


Same issue here, also happens on the old 3.1.0 version now


The dev(s) fixed the issue. Works fine now.