Stack Wallet just added WOW to it's self-custody mobile wallet

Started by wow4reedom, Oct 04, 2022, 05:23 PM

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Hello Wownero Community,

Check this out...

Special shout out to anyone in the Wownero Community that helped make this happen.

Many thanks to the Stack Wallet team. Learn more here -

They have provided 3 versions:

For those super privacy-focused amongst us, using De-Googled phones, they have the .APK

FYI: I've downloaded the .APK to my Graphene OS (de-googled phone) and ran the .apk through ClassyShark3xodus (to scan for 3rd party tracker in the code) and I can confirm there are none present. But you shouldn't rely on me, please do you own research.  

The world's most private and FUNgible Meme coin just got added to a Multi-coin wallet that has exchange capabilities.  WOW is listed in the wallet along with BTC, BCH, DOGE, EPIC (Epic Cash), FIRO, XMR (Monero), NMC (Namecoin). More coins coming soon...

What do you think about this news @jwinterm @qvqc @wowario @orklemerkle @_xxfedexx @dsc ?

I think it's great because it
  • 1) Helps get the WOWnero brand out there.
  • 2) Helps draw NEW people in to this community.  

Below is screenshot of the "Add Wownero" page in the Stack Wallet app...


Hey @jwinterm @qvqc @wowario @orklemerkle @_xxfedexx @dsc

I'm not sure if any of you were involved in helping to make this happen. If you were, many thanks. we now have WOW listed in a Multi-coin, self custody mobile wallet.