Request: wownero-python / offline address fixes

Started by plowsof, Jul 06, 2022, 02:34 AM

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Hello, the library at needs some TLC, and im unable to register to make an issue due to some 500 error :frowning:

Specifically the offline backend , used to create sub addresses. If you attempt to generate a subaddress doing the following you'll get an error: `nacl.exceptions.RuntimeError: Unexpected library error`
from monero.wallet import Wallet
from monero.backends.offline import OfflineWallet
svk = "secret_view_key"
pa = "primary_address"
w = Wallet(OfflineWallet(pa, view_key=svk))
To make sure this was not an 'out of date issue' i used the latest monero-python and fixed a few errors to make it work for wownero (ignore length / netbyte values) and again arrive at the same error. Which seems to stem from here:

If anyone knows how to 'create wownero addresses offline in python, using viewkey + primary address + cryptographic magic') can you pls help - i am told that you will be tipped for your time and an added benefit will be WOWnero reinstated @ (currently disabled because of this issue)

Thank you for reading :+1:


hi @plowsof thanks for looking in to this.

I am not sure what would trigger the error, but I am planning to rebase Wownero to Monero once v0.19 is tagged some time this month and will keep major changes to a minimum. Hopefully this would help with compatibility.


dood, tell me about it, been fucking with it for hours.

I'll give someone 1000 WOW if they figure out how to implement it.