Installation of Wallet at Linux Mint

Started by franki_1969, Jun 23, 2022, 10:55 AM

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Hallo, I would like to install Wowlet on Linux Mint. I am a new user of Linux and that familiar with it yet. I have downloaded the Linux package but cannot install or execute it. Could someone help, please? Thanks


This is how I do run the wallet on Linux Mint, keep in mind there might be a better way, but this works for me.
Download and extract, which I'll assume you've already done. Navigate to the directory you have wowlet residing in and open a terminal, run this command
This will open and give you some info in the terminal, the downside to this is you have to leave the terminal open.
I've installed tmux and launched a session there started wowlet and then exited the session. Tmux allows you to run multiple processes in a terminal and close the terminal without exiting the processes.
Tmux is in the package manager so you should be able to install it via software manager, synaptic, and the terminal.
Once installed launch a terminal and enter
this will start a new tmux session, it will be session 0 Navigate to the wowlet file and execute it with
You'll get the same printout as before, but now will be able to detach the session using Ctrl+D and then B with the session detached you can close the terminal. If you want to bring that session up again you'd use
tmux attach -t 0
You can obviously find more information about tmux and how to use it elsewhere, but hopefully this gets you started.



Doesn't ZSH do what you are saying like TMUX? Terminology is probably my favorite terminal, and the hinting and completion are just wicked awesome. I was actually trying to launch wowlet in Haiku-OS... pretty sure it can be done, but every time I try to start that I get sidelined by pressing shit. Haiku-OS is prettty awweeeeeesome. If I were smart enough I'd release wowlet or try to get it into the Haiku-Depot. BFS is it's own  thing, but BeOS was like 30 yrs too early. Its wild how well they thought that system out, even if the what financier profit model left a perfecly great 90's era os in history. 20 yrs as Haiku, and It's my favorite, even as mostly a root user OS. They have multi user apps, but its kinda like why?