Added WOWnero to my project

Started by plowsof, Mar 24, 2022, 12:43 PM

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Edit* A Monero Research Lab member Rucknium is now accepting WOWnero to fund their goals @

After the recent issues raised over Moneros pool mining centralisation (shown here i was introduced to WOWnero which as you know has accomplished forcing solo mining :+1:

I've added it into my project which creates a multi-crypto crowd funding page, which aims to be easy to install and easy to add / edit new wishes.

I've set up an example page

I just have no WOWnero to verify it works :sweat_smile: (The other coins there are stagenet/testnet) Edit* I now have WOWnero to complete the integration !


Nice, looks great - congratulations on the launch :-)

I sent you some WOW (you're on yellwowpages.


Thank you very much @dsc ! and what a wonderful service YellowPages is :+1: "If you build it, they shall come"! The WOWlet integration is a really nice touch.
I've now discovered a few little bugs that i can fix now :heart: (so whoever made 2 donations to my test list - ill be making them display shortly) Thanks once again!


Seems like a very promising project!
Looks very nice!