Retrieve coins from wowstash app

Started by matt, Mar 21, 2022, 12:56 PM

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Hi, I had funds stored at the web wallet wowstash app but now I read that the data is deleted from the server... Please, can someone help a noob to restore it? /Matt



Hi Matt, were you able to restore from you seed? I'm having the same issue, was able to recover my from the seed but the balance is 0


1. How did you recover your seed (using what program?)
2. Have you waited long enough for this program to sync blocks?


I didn't recover the seed. I've had them saved. So, I was able to download the wowlet and entered them to restore the wallet, it recognized the seed but the balance is still 0.


Do you have multiple seeds?
And check the transaction history, perhaps you already cashed out your WOWs to another wallet.


Thank you, I got it back. Had redo it and set the height to 0.