Migration to SuchWowX

Started by lza_menace, Jan 28, 2022, 07:46 PM

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100% agree with @bugbud we need to keep suchwow.xyz site/format style alive anyway possible as it is a BIG part of WOWNERO especially with it being linked to the desktop WOWLET.  We must not let it die!  @dsc said he has a server available if necessary.  I'm sure others would be willing to help out as would I #SAVEsuchwow.xyz


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ok this got me LMAO



I realized I was being lame by shutting it down so abruptly so I brought it back up. The wallet got borked in the scuffle so I had to restore it, resync from scratch, and fix some bugs that allowed posts to reference already used account indexes (wownero wallet account).