"Your wallet appears to be invalid. Check your config.", code: -2

Hi, I’ve created a WOWlet wallet, linked it to a wallet address that I’d like to deposit my crypto into, but when I start mining I get this error from xmrig:

cryptonote.social:2223 error: “Your wallet appears to be invalid. Check your config.”, code: -2

My wallet has been created:

Not sure if I missed something?

u probably are missing the username, see cryptonote.social docs

This pool requires you specify a “.username” at the end of your wallet address. While mandatory, it is only used for reporting your statistics as displayed in the leaderboard and elsewhere. Your username should consist of ascii alphanumeric characters and the dash (-) character only, as in “my-username”. You can (and should!) use the same username with multiple rigs. It must also be unique! Once a username is associated with a wallet address, attempts to change the address will cause you to be disconnected from the pool.

Thanks for the reply. I figured it out though. I created a wallet in my Monero app and used the address it generated for me. WOWlet does not like this.

To correct this I created a Wow Stash wallet instead and it’s been mining without errors ever since :slight_smile:

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