XMR-WOW pair

Is there a specific reason why TradeOgre launched the BTC/WOW and not XMR/WOW? And would anyone know the specific walkthrough to get a new pair listed on TradeOgre?

I believe releasing the XMR/WOW would be beneficial for our community for privacy reasons as well as enabling lower fees to deposit or cash out.

No, none of us work for TradeOgre or have insights into their anonymously run operation.

You can ask them for an XMR base pair, they seem active on Twitter if you DM them. I think that’s the only contact method.

Will do and will update the community on this matter :slight_smile:

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Hello all!
I’d like to provide a bit of feedback on this matter after being in contact with TradeOgre.

Having two trading pairs would pose a liquidity issue -as noted by the TradeOgre rep and wouldn’t be a good idea to do so.

According to them, having only one pair and it being with XMR would be “strange”… (I don’t really get why)

So the next talking point is do we, as a community, want to switch from a BTC/WOW pair to a XMR/WOW one.

I’ll let you know whenever I get some more info.

Also as it’s my first time dealing with having to make choices as a community, how do we get to a consensus? Experienced WOW supporters please advise :slight_smile:


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how to reach consensus in wownero

step 1 - just do it
step 2 - hype up whatever you did
step 3 - get enough peps and sock puppets to chime in
step. 4 - you got consensus

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I agree with TradeOgre. Having only one pair - XMR/WOW would be strange. And having this as additional pair XMR/WOW will result in low liquidity.

so… why would you like to force a lot of people to convert through XMR in case they want to buy WOW for cash or from any other mined coin (than XMR) where they need to go through BTC anyway?

You can buy XMR with cash, and there are plenty of resources to buy XMR with other coins.

Having a XMR/WOW pair would follow the spirit of WOW, being privacy-centric. I understand that it’s easier to get BTC on centralized exchanges, but is that what we want?

OK, you’re right. XMR can be easily bought for cash. Well I didn’t notice that, because my primary wallet is in BTC and I convert BTC<->WOW.

But I don’t see any advantage for FIAT->XMR->WOW over FIAT->BTC>WOW.

BTW, what is your case. Do you have some previously mined XMR? Ahh. I just realized. It’s more profitable to mine WOW and convert to XMR instead of mining XMR. Then it makes a sense ;).

The advantage of FIAT->XMR->WOW over FIAT->BTC>WOW is privacy :wink:

Furthermore, due to WOW WFS - [Bounty] Wownero to, there will be a liquidity issue on TradeOgre anyways for the BTC/WOW pair.

I do believe that making XMR/WOW pair happen on TradeOgre would also be an anticipation of what’s coming with the atomic swap.

if we can get AVAX/WOWX atomic swaps going with ERC-20 support, it would be possible to do completely trustless P2P WOW/WOWX and XMR/WOWX trades. so, people could do…





@lza_menace is src available for neroswap?

Been meaning to open source it, your comment gave me the motivation. Good to hear from you mate, hope all is well. Here it is: lza_menace/neroswap - neroswap - WowGit!


I think as the only FUN MEME coin with legitimate privacy tech, the only pairings I’m interested in are DOGE and SHIB WOW Pairings… As far as XMR goes, if we luck out and get Haveno action, that would be more than sufficient in regards to monero.

Really the only in with XMR for WOW IMO Is taking over nero swap, and whoever is doing that is doing so at a loss to introduce more people to Wownero.WHich may be a gain long run… maybe making a community effort to run neroswap for the purposes of liquidity and access… again though, anyone proficient in XMR is more than able to rock an anonymous CEX. Feels like MEME coin noobs are where we find butter for our bread. (Also, having a pathway from noob surveillance coins into privacy using memes is not bad way to try and help bring people into real cryptocurrency, is a feather in our cap)