Wownerujo wallet

Right on. Thanks :+1:

Howdie again, I know I have done the installation right, have enough storage on my device, but getting incompatible interesting since I have a PC wallet installed.

I’howdie WOW team, im still getting(reposiroty) incompatible error on 6.0.1 android device. Is it to old or something else I can do to fix this. Thanks

ya its old, need to upgrade

:+1:. I will switch to windows 7 or 10. Thanks

I got wonerujo installed from f-droid and have created a new wallet, but whenever i click on the wallet to open it it just says loading wallet for a couple of seconds then goes back to the list of wallets. I can’t even get my receiving address

I’m having the same issue and when I do find a node that lets me in it says scanning, 2,000,000 blocks left… Than randomly it will sync once a day… I want a wallet that will be ready when I want to send some in the future…

are you sure you are not using the Monero version? There are only 320,304 blocks in Wownero.

which wallet are you using? is it the latest version?

I’m using Wonerujo. When it works out shows 320,000. When it doesn’t work, it gets stuck saying 2,000,000

try posting an issue to the developers on their github

Did you install the wallet from the F-droid repo? If so, try connecting to one of these public nodes.

I’ve tried every one of those and most of them say connection error… is there any YouTube videos to see it done. I’ve tried deleting my wallet and resting from seed but that might have made it worse… Should I delete the whole app and start again… Thanks

can you share screenshots of the error.

No, there wallet security doesn’t allow it.

try using another phone to take pictures of the screen.

I am unable to reproduce the error you are seeing. I’ve made a new install and was able to connect and sync without an issue.

I’m willing to delete and re download. The only thing I didn’t write down is the block height(but I have the date first used) and the send and receive view… anything else I need?

all you need is the 25 word seed and the date you created the wallet. when you restore, you can pick a couple days before the date to make sure you include all outputs associated with your wallet.

This morning it started working on a few of the nodes. The same nodes that yesterday would kick me out and take me back to my wallet list… the only thing I need help with now is how to add a node. I downloaded CyberWowV2 last night, someone should think about making video tutorials. I would watch them all…

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