Wownerujo wallet

Hi all. Does anyone have a link to create a wallet for mac or iphone? Thanks

No, you can restore your wallet. In Wonerujo, can create a new wallet from your old wallet’s 25 word seed.

iPhone not supported. You can download Wowlet for Mac Releases - wowlet - WowGit!

All good now! Downloaded the desktop version, synced with 25 word memory seed and voila!! Test wownero I sent is there. Thanks to asymptotically and wowario for the help!!

Hey wow team. , need help. I sent wow from tradeorge. In wownerjo I hit receive, and pasted that taddress to tradeorge and did not use my public address, oh my!!!. Did I do this wrong. Have I lost the wow. Tradeorge says complete transaction. New to this. Thank you

If you installed the wallet from Google app store, the wallet is out of date. Write down your wallet’s 25 word seed.

Install “Wonerujo” from F-driod by following these directions How to install Wonerujo Android wallet

Restore new wallet with your old wallet’s 25 word seed

So I have not lost the wow. What does the sub addresses mean. I’m a newbie. So sorry for all the help

no. sub-addresses are associated with your main wallet address. sub-addresses are used for better privacy. ideally, you should use a new sub-address for each transaction.

OK. I will restore the wallet and then be able to see the wow in the wallet

Well. Nothing is working. I have no option of sending any wow to wowstash at least there I can store it. I feel really lost here.

try restoring your wallet on the desktop wallet

Howdie, How much GB is needed to operate the wallet

under 100mb, it is a light wallet. In addition, your private key is locally saved and under your control and not exposed to the remote. This makes Wowlet pretty awesome for casual users who do not wish to run a full node.

Umm I have 12.36gb available . I’m a newbie. Thanks :grinning:

I think I got moneruju wallet to work. Is the right wallet for wownero???

Wow team, I get an error that I need to enable the repository. How do I do that. Also is the link to correct for installing the monerujo wallet. Thanks

Monerujo is for Monero I believe. You want wonerujo

Right on. Thanks :+1:

Howdie again, I know I have done the installation right, have enough storage on my device, but getting incompatible interesting since I have a PC wallet installed.

I’howdie WOW team, im still getting(reposiroty) incompatible error on 6.0.1 android device. Is it to old or something else I can do to fix this. Thanks