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Hi! I was advised to create a new forum post. I created a wownerujo mobile wallet yesterday. I’m on an android phone. I can access the memory seed, see the details, get my receive address and what not, just not open the wallet itself to see my balance. Every time I try it says ‘node connection failure check username and password’ no matter what node I use. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? I don’t know if I was supposed to type something in addition to the node that was automatically suggested. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

p.s. I have read through all the instructions but must be missing something. Thanks again!

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Hi! Total newbie. Can’t seem to view wallet. Every time it says ‘node connection failure check username and password’. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Are you using Wownerujo or MonerujoWOW? (They are different)

Just make sure you have the latest version of the wallet from F-Droid: How to install Wonerujo Android wallet

Also sorry for the confusion with the posts. I moved your original post into a new thread without realising that you created a new thread yourself :slight_smile:

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It’s the wownerujo for sure. Is that the one out of date? The wonerujo says incompatible with my phone (LG Q6). Thanks!

So, I gather I downloaded the wrong app. As I say the wonerujo is incompatible. The wownerujo was compatible so i assumed it was the one I needed. Now I see I actually need a better phone. Haha. So when I thought I had done it right after getting my receive address, I sent a couple wownero just to test. Not worried about it but is it possible to recover that? Thanks so much for your help!

“wownerujo” is no longer maintained will be removed from the repo soon.

The current version “Wonerujo”

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@wowario truly wow. That is the app I downloaded yesterday and sent coins to from Tradeogre.

Are those coins lost?

Hi all. Does anyone have a link to create a wallet for mac or iphone? Thanks

No, you can restore your wallet. In Wonerujo, can create a new wallet from your old wallet’s 25 word seed.

iPhone not supported. You can download Wowlet for Mac Releases - wowlet - WowGit!

All good now! Downloaded the desktop version, synced with 25 word memory seed and voila!! Test wownero I sent is there. Thanks to asymptotically and wowario for the help!!