WowneroChat - Open Source, Mobile-friendly Wownero Chat

Joining IRC is not always easy, and using the OFTC’s default UI is not that good, and text is barely visible on mobile.
To solve this problem, i developed WowneroChat, a chat site specifically made for Wownero, with a clean and modern design.
It bridges with Wownero IRC channel, so it’s not going to split the community :slight_smile:

Source code is on GitHub.
Find out more, and make donations, on the WFS page.
Site address:

WowneroChat is now available on .

hey nice work! but why would someone use this over the default oftc webirc?

  1. OFTC WebIRC’s GUI isn’t as nice.
  2. I found that WebIRC’s registration and login process isn’t that easy for noob end-users.
  3. WebIRC doesn’t have Wow Radio integrated