A minimal website for Wownero

Hi! I own the domain I used to host a mining pool there but ever since the Junkie Jeff fork I’ve been trying to find an alternate purpose for that domain. That’s why I created a simple html+css only website for Wownero,!

If you have any suggestions for any tutorials or pages I could include, reply to this thread!
I hope you enjoy browsing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Donate WOW: Wo4VWkAQBFHR9W5DqHHyZbKwc4VD7fNYdLso3Fhv57fTNjJijVWT8oFDdhBdqUpYju3zt48cYvMHCJhWnyczzpup1SCBi2FMu
Donate XMR: 48dnPpGgo8WernVJp5VhvhaX3u9e46NujdYA44u8zuMdETNC5jXiA9S7JoYMM6qRt1ZcKpt1J3RZ3JPuMyXetmbHH7Mnc9C

  • Alessandro “Denshi” Gaggioli
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