Wownero wallet CLI "Internal Error" - Please help

Hello Wownero Community,

I’m brand new to the Wownero wallet CLI. I’m trying to stake my WOW on Avalanche using the excellent instructions by @wowario here - How to stake WOW and claim 100% APY rewards

After transferring my WOW from my Wowlet wallet (which took several transfers of smaller amounts) to my CLI wallet, I ran into a spot of trouble. I got the following internal error when I try to execute the “locked_sweep_all” command:

Error: internal error: Known ring does not include the spent output: 2095277

I can confirm that :-

  1. My CLI wallet is fully synced
  2. The balance in my CLI wallet is fully unlocked.
  3. I have no outgoing transfers from this wallet (I only transferred funds into this wallet)
  4. I tried to execute the “locked_sweep_all” command in Wowario’s instructions, but then I saw a “Warning Message” and so I decided to cancel that transaction as I was afraid I was doing something wrong.
  5. I have since tried sending a small amount of WOW from CLI wallet to my Wowlet wallet and I got the same “internal error” message above.
  6. I’m not a very technical person and I’m brand new to the CLI wallet.

Can anyone provide some ideas on ways to resolve this internal error as I’d really like to participate and support the staking program?

Thanks in advance.

This happens when you have some old small outputs from the pool mining days.

  • delete ~/.wow-shared-ringdb hidden folder (in windows, C:\ProgramData\wow-shared-ringdb)
  • run wownerod and wait until it is synced
  • and then make a new wallet with the 25 word mnemonic seed of the problematic wallet

wownero-wallet-cli --restore-deterministic-wallet

  • restore from height 0
  • you can test the new wallet by sending the entire amount back to yourself without locking it by running:

sweep_all ADDRESS

  • if it works, you can then use the “locked_sweep_all” command
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Thanks for Step-by-Step guide to help me resolve this issue.
I’ve been able to sweep all funds to a new wallet.
Thanks for your help @wowario and for being such a helpful member in this privacy-focused community.

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