Wownero outreach

Alof of you people dont know is ironically Wownero is the best FIXED cap coin in existence, quite actually without joking as it’s slow and steady emission along with privacy features and lack of pools and cpu mining makes it one of the closest coins to what SATOSHI intended

We have our selves a gem on our hands here, and I dont want it to waste as this could be a gateway for the average normie to get involved with privacy coins. or really the crypto anarchist movement as a whole.

Here’s the plan, we get normies who like dogecoin and moons + bitcoincoin maxis and normies to get involved with our coin, simply by explaining how it’s technologically superior to the others and noting it’s big features and meme culture

Globalization, after we’ve indoctrinated our original group of supporters into the cult of wowario, we focus on world domination, a wownero node in every single room and every single house, no escaping from the ultimate meme coin.

okay but seriously, wownero should and can be the ultimate tipping currency and meme coin, it could easily replace / kill doge as long as we get some outreach and maybe even hijack the existing doge community


Welcome to the Wownero community!

Hat’s off to the Wownero team and community for doing the hard fork on 4th July to support Solo mining only. This was a bold move but I feel is the right move as it differentiates Wownero from all other privacy coin projects out there. It makes Wownero truly unique.

I really like and support what you said above:

Being a complete Linux newbie myself, this community has helped me get my 1st solo mining rig up and running thanks to this excellent post by @wowario - How to Solo Mine

I plan to convert a few more old PCs to Wownero miners over the upcoming days/weeks as I want to help secure this network. I’m even trying to deploy my first hidden full node via this excellent Step-by-Step guide by @qvqc - How to setup a Full Node with Tor/i2p

Even though it’s not profitable to mine Wownero at the moment (remember Bitcoin was not profitable to mine when it was first launched), I believe Wownero does indeed pick up from where Satoshi left Bitcoin.

You’ve joined an amazing supportive community, once again, welcome!


Like seriously, this is probably the closest coin the early bitcoin that we’ve seen in a while, even more so than monero because of it’s botnet problems. Wownero even has a cleaner project record than monero ironically. It’s only a matter of time before people start waking up on this gem. Thank you for the welcome, usually when I get fully behind a coin’s project I do everything I can to support it.

Currently I have 31 KHS, a Full node and some old xeon servers pointed towards the coin. wish the best my friend.


A lot of good points mentioned here I just want to touch on wownero mining profitability. I have approx 40 kh/s myself and though I’ve only been mining for about 12 days so far this appears to be way more profitable than mining Monero. Approx 40 k/h right now should be about 62usd per month if pool mining Monero but with solo WOW in less than half a month I’m already almost there. I’d be interested to know how others are doing…