Wownero Minetest game mod [DEV UPDATES]

Greetings, fellow Wowneronians.

As the idiot in charge of the proposed Wownero Minetest mod, I wanted to give the community and all who contributed a way to track the mod’s progress–and, potentially, to contribute to the development directly.

Unfortunately, given my position as a slave in a North Korean meme factory, I have practically no time of my own. Thus, development is bound to be slow. That said, there will be development, and you can check on the progress (and propose improvements) here:



is there a public server to play this on?

Not to my knowledge. It should be a trivial thing to set up, however. The mod is independent of all but the “default” mods (necessary for proper wownero ore-generation).

It’s currently playable–but needs a few tweaks. Hoping to get that done over the next week or two.

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