Wowlet v3.1.0 - Some Issue/Questions with CSV Export

Firstly, I’d like to thank all those involved in the release of Wowlet wallet v3.1.0.

I have noticed the following issues:

    The “date” column values are not in an international friendly date format. For example I have a date “03-12-21 1:24” is this date “3 Dec 2021” or “12 Mar 2021” This become confusing when I import into Excel and do a sort by date. May I suggest a chage to the date format to a more international friendly format like: DD-Mmm-YYYY HH:MM:SS → E.g. 03-DEC-2021 01:24:00

  2. "paymentId" column and “description” column
    There is a “paymentId” column in the CSV file, that appears to be empty. I was not sure what is the purpose of that column. At first I thought it may be the “description” data from within Wowlet. I have post several transactions with text in the “Description” but that data did not appear in the “paymentId” column. Could you please include the “description” column in the CSV export either under “paymentId” or as it’s own column?


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Must admit this feature has not been properly tested since it was first released (1.5 years ago).

Both are valid points that someone needs to fix, however, it will take 3-4 weeks until there is a new WOWlet version due to how my schedule looks. So you’d have to wait for a new version to drop.

If someone wants to look (and fix) in the meantime, here is the relevant code and here is an issue for it.

Thanks for the feedback, ill get to it eventually.

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