Wowlet v3.0.0 not opening on M1 mac

Wallet does not open at all. Getting “wowlet quit unexpectedly.”

Anyone else running Wowlet on an M1 mac? How did you fix?

WOWlet does not work on M1 because the WOWlet developer (me) currently does not own a M1 machine, so am unable to provide release binaries and/or support for this architecture (at this point in time at least).

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Ended up running Parallels and running the Windows wallet and it works! I should be good for now… thanks anyways :slight_smile:

I’ve had a lot of requests to support M1 so eventually ill cave in and buy a M1 machine I suppose…

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eventually everyone is gonna have to make the switch. find a screen less one (way cheaper) like some folks are doing. :smiley:

Lol, that twiter post is hilarious.

So previously I got myself a macbook pro 2018 for the sole purpose of supporting/releasing my software on Mac OS (like WOWlet), then 3 years later Apple releases this new architecture, now I can buy yet another machine… :slight_smile:

  • unfortunately I don’t earn money with WOWlet development, it is open-source software. (I did get paid for some features but that’s really sporadically)
  • The more architectures WOWlet supports, the more complicated the software becomes, the more bug reports, the more users will expect support from me, the more time I spend on things I dont get paid for.
  • I refuse to pay out of pocket for an Apple M1.

Wownero is not run like a commercial entity, it is a fairly launched coin, so no dev tax, or salaried employees, etc. We are just a bunch of yolo linux nerds making cool shit.

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Just remember, your work is gladly appreciated. :sunglasses:

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