WOWlet getting started guide?

Hi ,

How does a newb build the WOWlet ? Is there any assistance available for computards who are interested in investing in the Wowniverse and possessing their own coins and keys ?

I dl’d the repository and am looking at the BUILDING . md file and the instructions seem to me to be pointing at FEATHER : git clone --recursive feather/feather: active repo relocated to - feather - WowGit!

Is this what it is supposed to be doing ? I am on a mac , 10.14.6 btw…

Thanks !

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welcome! unable to test macbuild however replacing feather with wowlet in guide resulted with successful build on linux (s/feather/wowlet/g) …check out this modified file

if macbuild wont work, try wow-cli apple-darwin release. because you are comfortable on command line, follow the instructions ez

Hey thanks for the response man… I will give it a shot even though I am not “comfortable on command line” hehehe

Thanks again !

no problem. you could try the macos wowlet build before trying cli… it might work!

there are older feather-wow builds available too…

there are new wowlet downloads for mac

Hi, I’m new to linux and I am lost trying to install the wowlet on Linux Pure OS. It’s a Debian based system. I’m attempting to follow the installation instructions for Linux manual install. I think I’ve successfully copied the wowlet binary to the bin folder. the next steps are to copy org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop to /usr/share/applications and wowlet.png to /usr/share/pixmaps. I need help with the terminal commands to be able to do it.

from the directory containing the files, it might be something like

cp org.wowlet.wowlet.desktop /usr/share/applications/.
cp wowlet.png /usr/share/pixmaps/.

i am not sure but i think you could install debian packages on Pure OS.

  • download wowlet_2.0_amd64.deb
  • in terminal, change directory to where the downloaded file is, run: sudo dpkg -i wowlet-2.0_amd64.deb
  • you should be able to open wowlet from the menu
  • to uninstall: sudo apt-get remove wowlet

Thank you so much. I downloaded wowlet_2.0_amd64.deb and was able to get it installed using a package installer that I have. I set up the wallet and went to the Receive tab to see my wallet address to send my wownero to from Tradeogre. It looks like there are 10 lines of addresses there. I don’t know why or which one I should use. Do you have any idea?

you can use any of them. they are called “sub-addresses”. for better privacy, ideally you should use a new address for each transaction.

Thank you so much for all of your help.

We are just trying to get into the WOW community and just getting started and have downloaded the WOWlet unzipped it went to run but getting this message…

WOWlet is currently in beta

Please report any bugs you encounter on our…
Can anyone help on how to move forward?
Thanks in advance

it means the software is still in testing. it is usable, but you might encounter bugs from time to time.

Hey wow team. Can you suggest the latest update for android, so I can install the wallet and get started. Thanks

follow these steps to install the android wallet

Thanks. Will give it a go

Install went well. Error I am getting says error, app not compatible with your device. Any suggestions. I have a samsung galaxy note

get a new phone


:+1:. It’s a tablet. Thanks

I got it to work :grinning: :blush:

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