WOWlet getting started guide?

Hi ,

How does a newb build the WOWlet ? Is there any assistance available for computards who are interested in investing in the Wowniverse and possessing their own coins and keys ?

I dl’d the repository and am looking at the BUILDING . md file and the instructions seem to me to be pointing at FEATHER : git clone --recursive feather/feather: active repo relocated to - feather - WowGit!

Is this what it is supposed to be doing ? I am on a mac , 10.14.6 btw…

Thanks !

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welcome! unable to test macbuild however replacing feather with wowlet in guide resulted with successful build on linux (s/feather/wowlet/g) …check out this modified file

if macbuild wont work, try wow-cli apple-darwin release. because you are comfortable on command line, follow the instructions ez

Hey thanks for the response man… I will give it a shot even though I am not “comfortable on command line” hehehe

Thanks again !

no problem. you could try the macos wowlet build before trying cli… it might work!

there are older feather-wow builds available too…

there are new wowlet downloads for mac