Wowlet 3 big sur error/damaged app won't open

So , I had recently downloaded and opened wowlet 3 for macos big sur… opened wallet , coins were there…

now , went to open wallet and was met with the error :
“You do not have permission to open the application”

I searched and it seems it might be an issue with big sur … some said they went ahead and re-installed whatever app was giving them an issue and problem fixed , so i did that with wowlet 3 … upon attempting to open i am met with : You can’t open the application “wowlet” because it may be damaged or incomplete. - and the icon now has the classic “no” symbol on it …

another solution one person suggested was updating to latest big sur update - havent done that yet and would rather not , dammit .

anyone know whats up with this ? had this issue ?

and is my wallet.dat ok ?

thanks !

What type of processor is in your machine running mac os 11?

Have you written down your seed words?

If not, please back up this file and keep it somewhere safe! (Somewhere offline though, like a USB flash drive or portable hard drive. Not Google Drive or similar service)

sorry for the delay … its an intel processor… 2019 mac air

forgive the delay please…

yes i wrote them down , both the 25 and the 14…

i am assuming by “this file” you are referring to the 25 word seed phrase and not the .dat file … is that correct ?

I believe “this file” refers to wallet.dat. If you didn’t have your seed phrase, you’d need the .dat file. Since you do have your seed, you don’t strictly need to keep the file, but it’s a good idea to have a copy anyway.

If you do keep a copy, it’s best to keep it offline, as above. It will be safe to delete that copy when things are working again.