[WOW] Wownero Speculation πŸ“ˆ

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I think wownero can hit a stable 600 sat or more in 3 months because currently it seems somewhat stable in 390-402 sat range and also the steady publicity growth of this coin can hold to the statement above said. So we should try get more publicity as we can…like a β€œhype train” method if that’s possible.

i think invest in wownero is much more safe and profitable because wownero price rising to higher value and we do not face to any risk when we invest our money in wownero and i if we invest our wownero in bitcoin we will be get a good profit from wownero in the future so i think wownero is much more profitable currency than monero, bitcoin, and other shitcoin.


After 2 days of oppression, our 401 sat wall guy disappeared. Wall moved to 518 sat instead and consequently one can observe the first >400 sat purchases hitting the books.

More news at 5.

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So Wownero has a potential to reach max Ethereum price as in 2017-2018 prices in next crypto boom? which I expect to be nearing everyday…I may be wrong but lets speculate

Important message from one of our Telegram members:

This piece of shit is roaring lmfaooooo noiceeee

Should be a stickie on here


It has a lot of potential
I am 99% sure It would explode if it was on a more relevant exchange tho :triumph: :call_me_hand:

Start spreading the memes then!

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b-but memes alone won’t get you to bittrex

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coinpaprika reporting we hit an all time high today. monerobux predicting that we’ll go even higher!

<asymptotically> .buyorsell
<monerobux> Buy, buy, buy!

a few hours later and we jumped +25%. thanks for the solid investment advice, 'bux!

600 sat. More news at 10.

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133k USD volume. Surely that’s a record.

Edit: 228k USD volume a day later.

More news at … uhm… whenever

Someone just sneezed 5 BTC into the market till 1337 sats.

More news at 8.


I heard it happened because someone’s cat was walking on their keyboard.

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Must have been some rich cat.

BREAKING: Wownero mentioned in /r/buttcoin

Remember Dogecoin? Basically, Dogecoin for Monero. Project started in 2018, and their tagline on their topic is β€œSuch privacy! Many coins! Wow!”. For such a cutting edge financial field, I don’t understand why it seems their comedy is created by 50 year olds trying to be hip with the kids.

big news! to the moon!


Super serious trading going on right now.


Notice the distinct β€œW” pattern, insinuating much wow is happening