Wow Democracy - Vote by Block

For the upcoming “Junkie Jeff” release, I’ve added an option for miners to indicate a yes/no vote for each block. If a vote preference is not indicated, it will default to abstain.

example syntax:

wownerod.exe --start-mining ADDRESS --spendkey SPENDKEY --vote yes
wownerod.exe --start-mining ADDRESS --spendkey SPENDKEY --vote no

I also included a script in utils folder of the source code that could be used to count votes within a block range.

This could be used for voting on WFS proposals, Polish slap tournaments, or whatever. A yes/no type question could be posed on the community forum with a set time frame (in blocks) for voting. It shouldn’t be too difficult to make a webpage that shows voting stats.

wwwhaaat bout the boaanets?.. yeah, this could be gamed for sure by miners that control a lot of hash, but we are not voting for presidential elections here. It is is a fun why for miners to participate in the wownero ecosystem and have an additional incentive to solo mine besides just getting block rewards.