Who can help me? I am mining for 40 hours an get 0 coins!

My CPU is AMD 3700X ,it is getting about 7800H/s. And I am mining for 40 hours , I still get 0 coins. I think I have made some mistakes, I hope someone telling me how to mine crectly. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

There is the setting:

cryptnote.social is 10wow minimum payout

with this rate it will take over the week for payout

Thank you. Now I am confidence waitting.

You have to input a username after your wallet address and then you can see the mining statistics. For example:
User: Specify “wallet_address.username”
If you wanted to be wowminer you would put it like this:

Then you can watch how much you have mined on this URL and will know when the payout is going to be as you can watch it go to the 10 $wow min payout by putting username wowminer

OK, thanks. I have about 50 wowneros now. .