When was WOW first introduced?

Hello all. Was WOW coin first introduced on April Fool’s day, April 1st in 2018?

Please confirm if you know.

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420 pm Pacific time April 1st 2018

Wow! lol. Thanks so much for confirming. I wasn’t expecting someone to know the time also.

I want to chart it astrologically.

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here is the first block: Wownero Blockchain Explorer

Timestamp [UCT]: 2018-04-01 23:10:44 (4:10 PM Pacific Time)

Thanks! This is most precise.

This makes it almost 04:11PM, pacific time.

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tell us what you find!

just pulled this up for w0w, dunno wat it means

The next Jupiter retrograde cycle does not begin until June 20th. Sun trine Jupiter on June 23rd. My opinion is that this rally still has a lot left in it until then.

The next correction in Crypto is probably during the Summer/Fall period.

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The destiny of Wownero is charted in the stars you are right. Aries sun is always about starting something new, being in the 10th house of how money operates is the key of understanding its destiny. Venus in Taurus in the 11th tells us about luxury it can create. Mercury in Aries shows determination and will of choices one has to make in order to benefit from it. Sun in Aries generally gives victory through war, so there will be competition, and how that plays out we need to look at the placement of Mars?

What do you think starman?