When are pools comming back?

Hello there,

I wanted to ask this as it shows on multiple charts, such as coinmarketcap or coingecko that WOW is slowly slowly spiraling down. True, it has some good big UPs post pool-removal though it is quite low now.

I am of the belief that this change, of removing pools, was a bad idea. Pools are quite useful for gathering people to mine, it’s way easier and helps increase the popularity of the coin to other XMR miners, which will increase the safety of the coin.

I know that this was made to make the coin more descentralized, which now it is, although instead of a good workforce of miners we’ve got just the dedicated community, which I believe it isn’t really that big (if there are more than 100k miners then I will say it is a decently big community, if not even 50k, then it’s just a small one in my opinion).

Now that we’ve went through this useless, already-known stuff, let’s go to a way to remedy the problem, only if the developers also wish to do it.

Readd pools, tho now we’l’ have a new way to combat centralization:
-have a way to temporaly disable ore request a temporary end for pools if they reach above a certain hashrate.
We had multiple pools, about two dozens or so, I believe that we should have a max hashrate of 33.3%-40% from the total hashrate per pool.
If a pool reaches 30% hashrate from the total, that respective pool or pool boards should announce and request the temporary stoppage of use of that specific pool. If within a month, that pool increases it’s hashrate from the total to between 33.3%-40% it should be temporary be disabled for the coin’s anonimity.

This way, more miners are going to come, the coin is goin to grow and we’ll have stonks.

Any opinions?

squish prefers solo-mining! hashrate has been pretty stable since the switch, following it here freeboard

suspect of the change at first but feel now it is a unique feature that makes wownero stand out. stacking blocks here with only a couple desktops its close to or maybe even better than on pools

mebb current user base is more interested in the long term qualities of wownero vs instant gains to be traded into some other coin? this solo release has more downloads than previously by the long shot, cause the user actually need to run nodes now? annoying shit having pools constantly 50% hashrate thats the hard sell for newbs

annoying shit having pools constantly 50% hashrate

Ik, that’s why I recommended just removing the pool when it reaches above 33.3% hashrate from total.

current user base is more interested in the long term qualities of wownero vs instant gains to be traded into some other coin

understandable, I’m on the same page here, it’s very not gucci of people to trade it instantly into other coins as it is quite of a neat coin, and if we’d want it to we need to make markets where wownero is primarely used and stuff. problem is where? vidya gaems? merch? computer parts with wownero logo? stock and demand, we have the stock, problem is le demand. we barely have some, the only things I can see that you can trade wownero for are memes and hopefully merch, which the merch doesn’t even prioritize WOW, it says BTC and other cryptos, where WOW isn’t even listed, and it also is on coinbase, that’s quite counterproductive, ain’t it?
like WOW should be first method of transaction instead of paypal and WOW should be a bloody option for transaction, not BTC, ETH and some other coin (atleast that’s on the T-shirt merch and stuff)

I like that we complain about pools while we don’t use our stock and create demand where it should’ve been from the start.
Le old saying: “God can’t do everything”
Here the same: Le WOWnero can’t do le everything, we HAVE to do stuff as well.

doing this would be difficult, if not impossible, in a programmatically decentralized way. pools can easily just change IP addresses.

also the majority of miners/pool operators don’t care about the health of the network of the coin they are mining. they will mine whatever shitcoin is the most profitable at any given moment, quickly dump and convert to BTC or XMR. you can not expect them to stop mining on the largest pools out of the goodness of their heart.

you can not expect them to stop mining on the largest pools out of the goodness of their heart.

good point, tho there are private pools, right?

most likely. but i am sure they are not that big

No pools is a good thing and things are going to stay that way


Hi I’m new here, and solo mining was a selling point for me to start mining.

And as someone who doesn’t have the money for a crazy mining rig I feel like getting rid of pools is as much of an equalizer as possible. Makes being a small guy solo mining fun, I’m helping support the network and also getting my shot at a block reward.

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BugBud likes solo mining but understands that most people dont have the patience to wait half a year to solve a block so they quit before that point. They might have a better chance at solving a block but they cant handle the delayed gratification and need some way to get smaller amounts of WoW faster. These people can easily make a meme and get some WoW that way on suchwow.xyz and maybe they might appreciate it more when they realize how long it would take them to mine that same WoW on their PC. I think another option is to simply mine Monero with a pool and use that Monero to buy Wownero which still helps with our price difficulty balance. Making resources for people to profit switch into Wownero not out of Wownero might turn the problem on its head, coins which are easier to mine with a pool are easier to profit switch with than coins which have no pools. So one can pool mine XMR and turn it into WoW or BTC more easily than someone could solo mine Wownero and do the same because it would take so long. I think in the future though when mining becomes much more difficult we will want some plan to bring back some form of group mining so the chance of solving a block is not hopelessly unlikely or gives unequal or disproportionate advantage to people with lots of computing resources over people with recycled home pcs like Jeff.


abandoned computer pool


The quote above from @lethargicmeteor really resonated with me. I couldn’t have said it better.

Unlike the myriad of other coins out there, the key differentiator is “Solo Mining”.

Think about it, can you name another coin that is :-

  1. Privacy centric (freedom at the protocol layer)
  2. ASIC resistant
  3. Solo-mine only
  4. fairly mined (no pre-mine by founders)
  5. and… most importantly has a fun Meme-driven community

Above are just some of the main reasons why I’m part of this community.

I’m proud to be supporting this network and even though it takes me more than a month to win a reward (I’m mining on a few old laptops), I still get a buzz when I do win - How to Solo Mine - #74 by wow4reedom

I agree with @wowalgia “No pools is a good thing…”

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Very well said @wowario.

Please let me share with you all my story…

I was pool mining a few other coins before they got dumped by the miners and became shitcoins (so I can relate to what was said above). Then the miner packed up, hashrate tanked along with price and the project was disbanded. That rightfully gave me the shi#s.

Then I came across Wownero and the fact that privacy was at it’s core (being a fork of Monero). That was something that interested me, along with the fact that there were some really cool Memes that absolutely cracked me up. So I decided to mine it via a pool (ahhh… I recall those days gazing at the Cryptonote.social leaderboard page where I’d have to scroll right down to the bottom of the page where my miner was listed).

I must admit, when the decision was made to shift from Pool mining to Solo mining, I was super scared (being a non-techie person). But the community was super helpful and I was able to setup a Full node and run the Wownerod miner.

Having never touched Linux before (I’m a Windows PC user my whole life) I felt this was a huge achievement for me, but I could not have done it without the amazing Wownero community.

So now when I win a block, I feel more rewarded for all the effort that went into learning:

  1. how to install and configure Ubuntu
  2. installing and configuring XMrig Proxy,
  3. setup, run and sync a full node using Wownerod, and
  4. configure all my old laptops to run Xmrig miner.

For me it’s no longer just about winning some $WOW, it’s also about a greater feeling of self-achievement. I was super ecstatic when I had setup everything and waited many weeks before my PC generated my first winning block reward. I posted about it here - How to Solo Mine - #74 by wow4reedom

With each winning block, I still get a buzz and a heighten sense of pride and achievement that I’m supporting this project and securing this network. I never got the same level of buzz when I was formerly a pool-miner!

I have since stopped pool mining other coins and converted all of my old laptops to solo-miners to help secure & support the Wownero’s privacy-first network.

I thought I’d share my story on this thread as I struggled initially at the thought of shifting from Pool mining to Solo mining, but I was able to do make the move. If I can do it, anyone can as I’m not a technical person.

If you are a new visitor learning about Wownero, please don’t be scared-off by the fact that you can’t pool mine this coin.

Try to setup a Solo mining rig using the easy step-by-step guide by @wowario - How to Solo Mine

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I’m glad so many people like solo mining and I was even excited about the idea ta first, but everyone who is posting about how good it is seems to have a computer capable of hitting withing several weeks or a few months.

Unfortunately my hash rate would average a hit every several months and that makes getting into Wow a lot more difficult. I just wanted some fun meme coins to share with friends, not something I point my only CPU at in the hopes that I might get some in a year.

I seriously love the concept and so much about Wow, but I’ll probably just be a Wowless lurker until/if pools return and I can actually mine some here and there.