What's the real Net Hashhate?

Shows Hash rate: 44.421 MH/s

July 19, 2021 43.54 MH/s
July 20, 2021 77.92 MH/s
July 21, 2021 124.26 MH/s
July 22, 2021 117.67 MH/s

Who should I trust?

From my perspective, I believe Cryptunit’s hashrate is correct, I got 150 KH/s, I got reward everyday before July 20, 2021
After that, 3 days pass, I still don’t get any reward, is it because of difficulty or I am just not getting lucky?


That means Cryptunit’s hashrate is not correct?
I am just not getting lucky?

I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

I have to agree with kanapina1975, I have been mining at 660Kh/s and up until July 20th I was averaging 3-5 blocks a day, and it has been 1 block since then.

you can see the hash rate by typing status in wownerod and verify that you are on the correct height by checking public nodes.

The network hash rate and difficulty is not in real time. It is a rough estimate. Also using these numbers to try to guess the probability of mining a block, is hit and miss. There is a degree of random luck. A person mining with only 500 h/s could win a block within a few minutes, while someone with 500 Kh/s could take a month to hit a block. Essentially, you have to look at mining wow as playing a lottery or not care about profitability and mine wow altruistically to support the network.

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