What would be the most recommended mine pool I should use?

Since pool mining is not allowed how would I mine on xmrig?

xmrig.exe -o qrl.miningocean.org:3333 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS+YOUR_DIFF -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a rx/0 -k --donate-level 1

For example how would I point to my address then?

This works for me:
-o --coin wownero -u wallet address* --spend-secret-key **************** --daemon
You need to be running the wownerod

If I used an online wallet, then would I use that IP address? How would I know its IP address?

Don’t worry, WOWlet does everything automatically, it is made for beginners. :slight_smile:

That sounds great :slight_smile:


But one question, does it even support online wallets?

What is an online wallet?

Take for example something like this:


You don’t download it, your wallet is stored online rather than you downloading a wallet.