Wallet wont finish syncing

hello i have been trying to sync my wallet wow wallet for 2 weeks now so i can see my balance i deposited in 07/ 2020 and even moved the header button close to the date deposited and the wallet just wont finish syncing and i havnt been able to open wallet i am restoring from a moble 25 word seed wallet that i could never get working but i did send a small to medium amount to the moble wallet, restored to my laptop, but not having any luck getting to my balance are finding a receive address, could use some help if any bodys available,

Download latest version of Wowlet Releases - wowlet - WowGit!

and make a new wallet with your 25 word seed

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hi. what if the newest version won’t open? im having the same problem. wowlet 1 and 2 won’t sync and wowlet 3 won’t open, always says "quit unexpectedly

wowlet 3 is the latest version. the others don’t work anymore because the code has changed since the last fork.

You could try restoring your wallet from 25 word seed (click on wallet -> seed -> show 25 word seed) on https://wowstash.app

thank you. I was able to connect the app and see current balance. Going forward can you recommend a more secure wallet? wowlet 3 still wont open

the most secure option is to run Wownero’s command line wallet.

It is similar to how Monero works. You can checkout this guide Monero tools | Monero - secure, private, untraceable

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