Wallet comparisons

Could someone tell me the pros and cons of the feather wallet vs. the offline paper wallet, and what happens if I choose the offline paper wallet. How do they work exactly? I am an old lady newbie just trying to buy some wownero and need a place to store it off Trade Ogre. Thank you for playing.

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Welcome to the forum!

Your wallet is really just a big number, the wallet software (like WOWlet, or wownero-wallet-cli) uses this big number to produce signatures that can sign away your coins to someone else.

Big numbers are difficult for us puny humans to deal with, so we turn it into a series of words that we can easily write down on paper. This is your wallet’s seed phrase. Sometimes people encode that phrase into a QR code and print that out on paper, and call it a paper wallet.

Just having your big number on paper isn’t too useful, unless you can do crazy complicated maths involving dancing around elliptic curves in your head. We use wallet software like Feather to do that for us, but the downside is your computer could get hacked or compromised in some way that allows an attacker to steal your seed (and therefore steal your coins).

tl;dr: Always write down your seed words on paper so that if your computer dies, you still have access to your coins. If you’re actively spending your coins, have your wallet loaded into some software like Feather or wownero-wallet-cli.

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so, where do you keep your Wownero? In Feather or Cli with your seed phrase written down, as the Exodus wallet does?

Oh, and thank you for replying and welcoming me. Trying to get onboard with Wownero.

I use the cli, but Feather wallet might be easier to use if you are used to graphical wallets like Exodus.

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Thank you asymptotically.

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Old lady here again. Have downloaded the Wowlet 2.0 wallet. Looks ok. Has lots of receiving addresses that all start with WW. someone mentioned on the forum that receiving addresses start with MM. Where do I find those?

WW is fine. Those are Wownero’s subaddresses.

So I can send directly from tradeogre to a subaddress?

Yep, sure can :slight_smile:

thank you dsc, i really appreciate your help.

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Hi dsc. I’m back. I’m trying to withdraw my WOW from TradeOgre, and I have 2FA with Authy enabled. When I try to add Wowlet using the QR code it tells me invalid format. Is there a problem with using Authy with Wowlet?

On TradeOgre you will see this screen for withdrawals:

Fill in the receiving address, which you can copy from WOWlet, and press withdraw. No QR code needed.

Hi - I’m trying to withdraw from TradeOgre to my wallet but I’m getting the following error:

“Error! Invalid payment id”

I selected one of the many WW receiving addresses in my Mac desktop wallet. I installed the latest version.

Any idea why this is happening?

Do not add anything in the Payment Id part

Thank you - that worked!

You explained it so simply to her that I wanted to say thank you. I’m new to wow as well trying to exchange for it while it’s at these prices. My IT guy placed such serious firewalls in my own office that my desktops will not allow me to read Feather’s FAQs (“dangerous malware”. I would expect that from windows considering.) I guess it’s safe to assume Feather is not for mobile but desk or laptops? Was thinking I could try mac at home. Am hesitant to send my BTC to my Ogre and simply leave there while I figure it out. I like to get to a wallet first. Should I assume most hardware wallets are not yet compatible with wow? Thanks so much in advance.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Actually we can blame Google for that. They’ve just decided that they don’t like the Feather binaries and the only easy way of fixing it is to pay hundreds of dollars to someone for a code signing certificate.

Feather (now Wowlet) only works on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. You can use MonerujoWOW on Android phones.

No hardware wallets are compatible with WOW :frowning: If you’re paranoid you can run the wallet with your computer disconnected from the Internet, and then delete all of the files before connecting again.