Vote on name of new ERC-20, voting ends this week (8th December)

WowneroX or bust, brah

WowneroX (WOWX) it is. thanks to all who voted!

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Yay! This is a great name.
Thanks for arranging this poll and thanks to all those that participated in the vote.

Just out of curiosity @wowario , can you share with the community the results leaderboard as Iā€™m keen to see whether WOWX won by a big margin or whether it was slim pickings. Thx.

1. WowneroX  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Wownero Token  loses to WowneroX by 23ā€“4
3. WowneroAVAX  loses to WowneroX by 24ā€“3, loses to Wownero Token by 12ā€“11
4. Wownero Rewards  loses to WowneroX by 22ā€“5, loses to WowneroAVAX by 13ā€“9
5. Wownero Kudos  loses to WowneroX by 24ā€“3, loses to Wownero Rewards by 13ā€“9
6. Wownero 2.0  loses to WowneroX by 23ā€“3, loses to Wownero Kudos by 11ā€“10

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