Ubuntu - Wownero CLI Wallet

Hello! I am a complete noob with Linux and Wownero. I have my Windows Wownero CLI wallet working just fine. But I’d like to learn how to install the Wownero CLI wallet on Ubunto. I’d be willing to pay someone to hold my hand and walk me step by step through the process.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.

Download the latest release here: Releases - wownero - WowGit!

You probably want Linux x86 release unless you’re on a raspberry pi or some ARM processor.

The file has all the Wownero files in it. You need to decompress it. Once decompressed you just open the Ubuntu terminal, navigate to the new Wownero directory, and run the monerod daemon binary with the comand ./monerod. Then you can start the wallet software with ./wownero-wallet-cli. That’s it!


once you have wownero-wallet-cli open, type help to see available commands.

also check out, How to create a Monero command line wallet