Trade platforms listings

Hello everyone!

Does anyone know how did wownero get listed on TradeOgre? (a bit of context if possible)

Also do you guys know if wownero is awaiting listing on another exchange? If yes, which ones?

Wownero launched in 2018 during a bear market around the same time as TradeOgre started. There weren’t many interesting low-cap projects back then, so out of process of elimination, we were eventually listed.

Over the years, I’ve been in contact with a number of exchanges, but they all wanted an extortionate amount of listing fees (from no name exchanges wanting $10k to mainstream ones asking for something like $400k) plus large deposits for bot-traded liquidity pools. Since we didn’t have a premine or scammy fast-mined emission curve like other shitcoin projects, we can’t pay to play.

For the time being, it is unlikely exchanges would list Wownero for free.


Thank you for your answer!

It seems like the only current way to bring $WOW to the masses would be an atomic swap with BTC and/or ETH then.
Although understandable, it is a shame exchanges greed primes on visibility of a “fair” (no premine / dev tax / insta mine) and private coin…

EDIT: just saw your atomic swap proposal on Looking forward to it!

If there was some exchange offers on the table you could raise them as funding proposal’s and we can see if the community would cover the fees

problem is most of these exchanges want listing fees that are probably a few days worth of the total trading volume. Wownero’s mcap is too small. Also even if we were able to raise enough WOW, I think funds would be better spent in non-custodial, trustless alternatives such as cross chain atomic swap development.