- needs more options could use more options when uploading memes, such as:

  • profile meme page (profile option should be linked, so you can review your own meme submissions)
  • mass upload submission (instead 1 submission at a time)
  • meme editor/deletion (option to re-edit the title, or delete posted submission in case of error)

To be fair to @Iza_Menace I think suchwow works pretty well.
Yeah it’s basic but what more do you need. You can access your ‘profile’ by typing in

https ://suchwow .xyz/?submitter= ____ ← username

Mass upload doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, there’s already enough posters who spam about 5 non-memes in a row (put wownero watermark on clip art etc.) we don’t need to empower those guys. How about quality over quantity? the top memes this week both netted over 100 wow!
Also as I understand it the server is on the small end of the scale so putting in resource intense options like mass upload / editing isn’t really an option. perhaps you want to open a ticket in the funding channel : to give funds for more server space etc.
I still think it’s titan of Iza to manually go through the memes, upload them, repost them on reddit and twitter etc. single handedly running the wow meme game.
PS: regarding editing, you can message on this forum but it’s best to try and get it close to right first time.


Thanks, mate, super appreciate that.

I’m planning to make some big changes on suchwow this year, I’ll keep these things in mind. For longevity you should consider making an issue on the git repo: lza_menace/suchwow - suchwow - WowGit!

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